Easy and versatile mapping application!

User-friendly mapping app for your geographic data. twiGIS is a fully responsive user-centric web tool for publishing and managing wide range of geographic and infrastructure data as well as CAD and BIM data for utility networks. QGIS/PostGIS and Autodesk - compatible.

What is twiGIS?

Modern web mapping application by Arkance Systems

You get quick access to geographical and descriptive data - the GIS data.

The application provides both basic and advanced features in an intuitive and user-friendly interface that experienced users and beginners alike will appreciate.

Why twiGIS?

The application replaces or complements traditional map portals and (not only) web GIS clients that are too complex, slow, difficult to maintain, or unusable on modern devices due to typical moral or technical obsolescence.

  • Main advantages

    • Fast and intuitive application

    • Mobile view and control

    • Graphics and descriptive data in one map window

    • Possible integration with other enterprise systems (e.g. SAP, Active Directory)

    • Quick and clear report generation, e.g. for the occupancy report

    • Independence from the operating GIS system

    • Wide range of data input

Award for twiGIS

The twiGIS application won the IFMA's "Project of the Year 2016" award. Specifically, its deployment in the project "HUGIS - an effective source of information for asset management in Air Traffic Control".

twiGIS features

Publish CAD, BIM, GIS data connected to other database and enterprise information to anyone 

GIS platform

Fully-featured GIS platform component for utilities, infrastructure and FM. Intuitive, web and mobile.


Focused on users, enterprise solutions and processes. Make your graphical notes and share data with any user.


Works with Autodesk products (AutoCAD Map 3D, Revit), open-source (QGIS) as well as any 3rd-party solutions (ESRI, open for further integrations).


Map view with layers of multiple types and sources.


Connect and upload data from any database or integrated system. Browse or add files attached to features, including photo collections from mobile devices.


Select, search, locate, filter, edit almost any type of graphical and non-graphical data records. See and switch building floors – layouts, assets, personnel, etc.

Customer references

Archbishopric of Prague

Bratislava Waterworks Company

ČEZ Group

BVV Trade Fairs Brno


Screenshots from twiGIS application
twiGIS runs on desktop and mobile devicestwiGIS supports multiple languagesMap linked with object metadataBuilding objects with floor switchingExpandable property sheetsSearch features with lookup tables

Customer reference video

How one of the twiGIS customers, Výtahy Line, uses twiGIS in a CMMS system, for service and maintenance of elevators