GLP - Construction and management of a logistics campus
Facility management
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GLP - Construction and management of a logistics campus

BIM (Building Information Modelling) and intelligent systems replace dumb boxes. Leading investor and developer of industrial construction uses BIM and CAFM solutions by Autodesk and Arkance Systems for logistics facilities.

Modern logistics complexes

The construction of logistics facilities represents one of the most demanding developments. Investment costs can reach billions of crowns and the construction must be realized within a very short period of time. During the construction process, many changes are being made at the clients' requests and clients are moving into the newly built halls just a few months after signing the lease agreement.

Logistics halls have thus become technologically complex, multi-purpose buildings that achieve the highest construction standards. They are low-energy and packed with modern technologies. GLP uses BIM (Building Information Modeling) to create and manage data on a building throughout its entire life cycle.

Facility managment and service

But GLP decided to move even further - to use BIM data for facility management.

To do this, they implemented twiGIS, an application developed in-house by Arkance Systems, which is directly linked to Autodesk BIM 360. twiGIS is used here as a CAFM system and records service activities during building operations.

Virtual model of a building

The virtual model of the building contains information about all components of the construction. It was also used in the development of GLP Park in Prague - Chrášt'any, which was built for Alza. The company operates on the site one of the most modern distribution centres in Europe.

The digital Helpdesk, developed in cooperation with Arkance Systems, helps GLP to operate the centre. The Helpdesk is linked to the BIM digital database. When clients report a fault, for example with an air conditioning system, the building manager is ready to resolve the problem quickly and efficiently as all documentation is instantly available.

Technologies also help with the subsequent collection of operational data, which clients can then use in their logistics systems. An example is the frequency of loading gate openings. They also monitor unwanted coincidences, such as a heater running in a room with a window open.

Use of BIM in all construction phases

In the Czech Republic, there are still few projects that have managed to use BIM technology in all phases of construction and, moreover, to extend their operation to facility management.

There are two key factors behind GLP's success: the investor's BIM implementation know-how and the software solutions provider, the company Arkance Systems, which was able to guide the investor through all phases of the project.


GLP is a leading investor and developer of logistics and industrial construction. GLP in the Czech Republic consists of a small team of professionals who manage and develop logistics properties of an area of more than 200,000 m2.

GLP - Construction and management of a logistics campus

"Autodesk's cloud platform and the Common Data Environment (CDE) for project drawings and documents help us streamline communication between subcontractors and clients, who are increasingly demanding data quality and often need to coordinate construction with client technology installation. This coordination would be very difficult without modern cloud technology like Autodesk Docs or BIM Collaborate, or BIM Collaborate Pro from the current Autodesk Construction Cloud platform."

Richard Stránský
BIM Senior Business Consultant, Arkance Systems CZ
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Main benefits of the solution

  • Data available at any time and to anyone
  • All agendas are linked to specific building elements or technologies and, thanks to the link to the BIM model, are traceable to the design and planning stage of the building
  • Simple FM agendas accessible to everyone according to their role in the company
  • Collaboration with external entities over a single data warehouse
  • Evaluation of the work and data generated during the design and construction of the building through its daily use and progressive enrichment with operational data

Give it a try

Discover the features and capabilities of twiGIS with several live demonstrations available.

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