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Veletrhy Brno (BVV)

The twiGIS application with intuitive interface, developed in-house by Arkance Systems, is used for management of exhibitions.

History of GIS in the company

The origins of the first digital data are associated with the 1990s, i.e. with the onset of information technologies and the entrance of a foreign company. At that time, the first data digitization of the site was introduced (creation of a building inventory, basic mapping of utilities). This is also related to the need to implement tools for data display (site management, technical department, site service, business department) and data connection to other company systems. Already at this time, the first GIS system built on top of Autodesk Map Guide and AutoCAD Map products was implemented.

In 2013, the GIS system was updated and the then-current Autodesk products AutoCAD Map 3D and Infrastructure Map Server were implemented. The next breakthrough in technology came in 2017 with the implementation of the twiGIS L web-based responsive application by CAD Studio (now Arkance Systems).

Why twiGIS ?

The switch to twiGIS was related to the development termination of the Autodesk Infrastructure Map Server web client. At the same time, there was a request to implement a modern client that would meet the current requirements for map applications. In parallel, the new application had to include a solution for working with exhibition areas for individual events held at the exhibition centre.

BVV decided to implement the twiGIS L application, which contains the main features in an intuitive and user-friendly interface that resembles public mapping applications. The application can also be fully used on mobile devices with touch controls.

The most important benefit for users is quick search for necessary information in the context of the area map. Graphical (map) and selected descriptive data are available in one web window.

twiGIS and site managment

The solution contains graphic and descriptive (alphanumeric) documentation of the site, buildings, floors, rooms, utilities and other related areas.

The application deals with the following agendas:

  • Locating a GIS element (building, room, person, ...) and displaying information about the selected element. Subsequent editing of data.
  • Application works with floor plans directly over the georeferenced map
  • Cost allocation to internal departments according to room occupancy
  • Management of rental space for external companies
  • Integration interface to HR system
  • Direct integration to DMS SharePoint

The stock company Veletrhy Brno provides business services in the field of organizing trade fairs and exhibitions in its own premises, including the performance of technical services related to this activity. Trade Fairs Brno a.s. (BVV) is a renowned leading trade fair administration in Central Europe. By supplying trade fair stands for both domestic and foreign customers, it is also a major exporter of business services. The Brno Exhibition Centre represents a unique infrastructure in the Czech Republic and Slovakia for the organisation of mass events - trade fairs, congresses, corporate, cultural and sporting events.

Veletrhy Brno (BVV)

"With twiGIS I was pleasantly surprised how naturally most users have mastered the application. After the first introduction, they have already discovered other features intuitively on their own."

Alena Tomalová
GIS system administrator
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Main benefits of the solution

twiGIS and exhibition management

The deployment of twiGIS included the development of a special module for displaying data from Fair Designer, which is used to design exhibition layouts. The module in twiGIS displays the current occupancy of a specific exhibition in a unified web environment.

This part of the application is mainly used by the sales department, which needs to get up-to-date information and reports on space occupancy.

The managed data is also used as a basis for the web application and the BVV Trade Fairs mobile application, in which visitors can search for information about exhibitors and view booth locations on a map of the venue.

Main benefits of twiGIS for exhibition management

Information on exhibition areas and booths for a specific event is quickly available

Showing booths in the context of a technical map (connection to exhibitors' utility networks)

Displaying the possibility of placing and selling advertisements on the area

Making use of data for exhibition visitors

Give it a try

Discover the features and capabilities of twiGIS with several live demonstrations available.

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