ČEZ Energetické služby
GIS for utilities and infrastructure
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ČEZ Energetické služby

Enterprise geoportal twiGIS Pack L - GIS for unlimited number of users. Efficient expression process for utilities and energy networks. The twiGIS application speeds up work and access to both data and networks.

Enterprise-wide GIS system

The GIS system, which was implemented in the company in 2013, is used for all the above-mentioned agendas related to the operation of installations and facility management.

The original solution implemented on top of Autodesk products (AutoCAD Map 3D and Infrastructure Map Server) was extended in 2015 with a public application Vyjadřovací Portál in order to computerize and automate the processing of requests for expression on network existence.

In 2018, the solution was further upgraded by deploying twiGIS M, a responsive web mapping application that meets the current needs and requirements of users working with GIS data. Through the gradual deployment of individual components and applications, the GIS system has become the enterprise-wide solution twiGIS Pack L - a comprehensive set of modern tools for preparing, editing and publishing GIS data from various formats in a desktop and mobile environment.


ČEZ Energetické služby provides comprehensive services in the field of energy management, public lighting, gas supply, drinking water, service water and wastewater treatment plant operation. It is also a supplier of energy construction and energy saving projects for municipalities, industrial enterprises and larger energy complexes in all areas. It carries out electrical installation activities at the HV and VVN voltage level, especially in the area of substations, and also provides systematic and breakdown maintenance and repairs of the operated equipment.

ČEZ Energetické služby

“The deployment of the Vyjadřovací Portál application has greatly simplified and accelerated the expression process on the existence of utilities and energy networks, which has benefited our customers and commenters in particular. All data from the GIS system was used to advantage. To further streamline our services and internal processes, we decided to use the twiGIS application, whose deployment will speed up work significantly and allow access to the necessary data and networks both on the field and in the ČEZ ES utilities management process."

Ing. Jaromír Vítek
Head of Integrated Quality Management
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Main benefits of the solution

AutoCAD Map 3D

Solution built on top of standard AutoCAD tools

Administration tools for data model management by using self-service

Configurable integration interfaces to third-party system


The option to quickly and easily find the piece of information you need

Project diversification according to the division's field of activity in the company

Working with data directly in the field

User-friendly, simple and very fast application

Use of the application across the company, mass scaling and usage of data on managed facilities and technologies

Vyjadřovací portál

Complete digitalisation of the data management process and the processing of expressions

Automation of request handling (evaluation of a possible conflict with operating networks)

Automatic generation of expression templates, map situations and DWG/DGN digital data

A dramatic acceleration of the response to requests for expression

Give it a try

Discover the features and capabilities of twiGIS with several live demonstrations available.

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