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Výtahy Line

The twiGIS application by Arkance Systems serves as the basis for the elevator servicing and maintenance system at Výtahy Line. The new Service module in twiGIS automates administration.


The twiGIS application was created mainly for the company's service department. It is therefore mostly used by technicians and dispatchers. Furthermore, additional environments have been created in the application for the billing department and the warehouse, and now we are developing another environment - business opportunities. The application is accessible to all employees of the company, so it is possible to look at anything from anywhere and anytime.

It is possible to insert photos and files to the lift cards, this option is used for uploading photos by technicians - for example for ordering necessary parts, for insurance companies in case of vandalism, or also for inserting price quotes that have been sent to the lift operator. Sales managers also have access to the application and can filter elevators that have not been upgraded yet and can also enter quotations that have been sent.


The company Výtahy Line was founded in 1998 as a purely Czech company for the purpose of business in the field of production, assembly and service of special lifting equipment. The company is dedicated to the supply, installation, modernisation and servicing of elevators and lifting platforms. For more than 22 years it has been successfully operating in the Czech market.

Výtahy Line

“Old habits die hard and why change something that everyone already knows and it works. Tons of paperwork, manual data transcription, dozens of toners and thousands of printer papers, manually transcribed monthly reports, hundreds of phone calls, a cluttered system for logging reported repairs, hours of tracking down records.... This was our old, costly and time consuming "NO-SYSTEM". With the arrival of the new management, we decided to digitize the entire elevator registration system and connect it online with our technicians. Since the standard at this time allows for electronic registration, we did not hesitate a minute and started looking for a company that would create a tailor-made information system for the registration of elevators. We chose Arkance Systems, because they develop the twiGIS application and they created a new Service module. By digitizing service procedures, the company saved time and costs and got rid of inefficient administrative activities."

Zbyněk Merkl
Managing Director
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Main benefits of the solution

Key benefits

The twiGIS application just made the job easier

Endless paperwork was eliminated

Technicians have access to lift history, contacts and technical data

Overview of reported repairs and their status

Online connection to employees and customers

Financial savings amount to approx. 200k. CZK per year

Technician simply orders an inspection or repair by scanning a QR code via tablet or phone

The customer signs the completed work digitally, all deliverables are sent electronically

Give it a try

Discover the features and capabilities of twiGIS with several live demonstrations available.

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